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126% YoY Revenue Increase & 11 x ROAS

Silky Gem


Silky Gem has spun Vietnamese tradition into viral magic. The candies have a delicate crunch and vibrant flavours that have social media buzzing.

The Silky Gem brand takes pride in its artisanal approach to crafting exquisite candies in a professional commercial kitchen. Silky Gem is committed to quality, with candies produced in a specialised facility that strictly follows vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free standards.

Through data-driven optimisation and tactical execution, we’ll unlock Silky Gem’s revenue potential and build a lasting customer base.

  • Lead time: Ongoing

  • Sector: Ecommerce

  • Target Type: B2C

  • Demographic: All Audiences

  • Goal: Increase Sales from Organic and Paid Search Channels


Silky Gem, a company that has achieved significant growth and brand recognition over the past 18 months, is poised for further expansion in the North American market. Following the launch of its new brick-and-mortar store and the cultivation of a loyal social media following, Silky Gem is seeking to bolster its marketing efforts in the United States and Canada.

The company’s existing marketing team requires additional support encompassing creative development, advertising campaign management, brand strategy, and overall marketing execution.

YOY Revenue Increase
Keyword Ranking Increase
Increase Conversion Rate YOY


Remember how we set that ambitious goal with Silky Gem to grow their sales by 86% year-over-year? By combining killer SEO magic with some strategic new channels (Google Ads in February and YouTube Ads joining the party in June! ), we skyrocketed their revenue to a mind-blowing 126% YoY increase!

Fast forward to 2024 and revenue has exploded and doubled within this period!

Since we started working our SEO wizardry on Silky Gem’s website, the number of keywords ranking in the top 3 results for US searches has jumped a crazy 49%. That’s 91 keywords in November 2023 to a sweet 136 in June 2024! And it gets even better, the total number of keywords Silky Gem ranks for across their entire website has increased by 29%. We went from 3,575 in November 2023 to a delicious 4,578 in June 2024!

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First, we sprinkled some SEO magic on Silky Gem’s website, making sure it ranked high for all things “crystal candy” in search engines. 

Next, we pitched Google Ads as a sidekick to their existing SEO efforts. Using all the keyword research the SEO team had done, we built campaigns focused on those non-brand, “crystal candy” keywords. This way, we weren’t competing with Silky Gem’s already strong ranking for their brand name. Plus, it meant we could spend our budget efficiently.

We also whipped up some delicious content and secured some backlinks to get Silky Gem’s name out there. We were spreading the candy love across the internet.

SEO Strategy

Our expert organic SEO team recognised the immense potential hidden within your website’s established domain authority. We knew that by strategically unlocking this potential, we could significantly improve your search rankings and drive targeted traffic.

The key was to meticulously identify and capture all relevant keyword variations, including those with high search volume and clear purchase intent. This comprehensive approach allowed us to meticulously re-optimise key landing pages, ensuring they met our stringent internal standards and propelled Silky Gems keyword positions forward.

We understood the critical role of on-page signals and content optimisation in achieving this goal. By focusing on these crucial elements early on, we were confident in delivering a commercial impact within the first three months.

The results speak for themselves: the average keyword position skyrocketed from a distant 37 position to a commanding 4 position! This remarkable achievement translated into a staggering 89 out of 94 tracked keywords landing on the coveted first page of search results.

This impressive feat is a testament to our deep understanding of organic SEO best practices and our unwavering commitment to delivering measurable results. 

PPC Strategy

The PPC strategy prioritised driving profitable sales with a target ROAS of 10:1. We achieved this through targeted campaigns on Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and Meta Platforms, focusing on high-intent keywords and retargeting website visitors. A/B testing and audience insights will guide campaign optimisation.

Beyond sales, we built Silky Gem brand awareness and engagement through social media ad campaigns with compelling creatives and influencer partnerships. By allocating the budget strategically, optimising landing pages, and refreshing creatives regularly, Silky Gem’s PPC strategy delivered a strong return on investment.

Content Strategy

Silky Gem’s content strategy aims to establish brand authority and drive customer engagement. We created 10 pieces of informative content (blogs, emails, social media posts) per quarter, with a focus on multi-purpose content. This will cover both evergreen topics and seasonal campaigns (Black Friday, holidays, promotions). Establishing blog authorship further strengthens their expertise and builds trust with potential customers.

We've been thrilled with the success we've achieved for Silky Gem so far. By leveraging the strong foundation built with organic SEO and strategically introducing Google Ads, we've not only surpassed the initial YoY growth target of 86%, but have actually reached a staggering 126% increase in revenue year-over-year.

  • Nick Rinylo - Managing Director

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