How easy is it for your customers to find you on Google? Our expert team has been delivering SEO strategies since 2007.


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SEO allows you to reach more of your target audience and get ahead of your competitors by improving online visibility when your consumers search for key terms relating to your business on popular search engines like Google and Bing.


We’ve used Assisted at LifeSearch for SEO and consultancy services for some time now. Nick and the team have provided a great uplift in our organic reach since day one – and have ‘assisted’ us on a few projects along the way.

Chris Henderson – Head of Digital

Over a decade of SEO experience.

A good SEO campaign will make it much easier for your customers to find you when they are looking for your product or service, in a non-intrusive way. Take the next step and let us help you make a great SEO strategy.

Executed properly, it is a continuous process. It requires experience and can be time-consuming. From a one-off SEO audit to a full SEO strategy, we are experienced in helping a wide variety of companies throughout the UK and can offer a bespoke service for you.

We have built SEO strategies for a wide range of businesses from the financial services sector to online retail eCommerce – Whatever your marketing requirement, we’re confident we can help.

Over 10 years experience




Digital PR



When it comes to SEO, we’ve got this. We have over 14 years experience improving our customers visibility in Google and Bing.

We have been delivering high quality, effective PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns for a wide range of businesses for over a decade.

We love data-driven decisions. We can analyse your site and campaign performance with the creation of DataStudio reports designed individually to suit requirements.

Digital PR is a strategy of gaining coverage for your brand by promoting your products, services, websites or content to journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry-related publications.

Creating content that drives interactions and engagement gives us the ability to target potential customers on a range of platforms and devices.

Social Media Marketing specialists, creating compelling content, helping businesses discover the full potential of social media.

How does digital PR help SEO?

Digital PR is a strategy of gaining coverage for your brand by promoting your products, services, websites or content to journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry-related publications.

These processes’ primary focus is to broaden brand awareness and gain high-quality backlinks that point towards your business’s website. These backlinks act as votes for your business, which major search engines take into consideration for your organic search positions.

Digital PR
Gain high-quality backlinks that point towards your business's website.
Google Partners

Google & Bing Partners

After demonstrating the ability to maintain and develop our customer’s Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns over a 12-month period, we’ve had our performance analysed by Google and they’ve subsequently approved our Google Partner status. We are trusted with large budgets by a number of customers, in a range of industries, and we consistently achieve great results.


Assisted have vastly improved our online advertising results at CIA Insurance. They provide a professional service but on a very personable basis. We would definitely recommend them.

Leicester-based, UK digital marketing agency

Based in two offices across the Midlands, we are centrally located within the UK and service a wide mix of businesses from large SMEs, to globally recognised organisations.

Our expertise and open approach help our customers to understand their SEO and PPC investment clearly. This improves internal stakeholder management and builds long-lasting commercial relationships.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) FAQs

SEO is a crucial element if you want your website to get noticed and ultimately generate business. Being experts in the field, our SEO agency in Leicester are on hand to lend the knowledge and understanding you need to reach the top of the rankings.

We offer our services to businesses that want to outrank competitors and compete against relevant search terms. Being at the top of the pile is always a positive for any business. Our experts will develop an SEO strategy with your business in mind. Meaning we approach each project differently and personalise accordingly. Want to know more about SEO? Read our FAQs below, or contact our SEO agency today.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of improving your website positions within the search engine results positions (SERPs). Including building high-quality backlinks, creating unique content and optimising pages around specific keywords. These are some of the tasks we can support you with at Assisted.

Why is SEO important?

Online users trust major search engines such as Google and Bing, therefore the higher up you are on the results page, the more of a credible source you’re considered before users even click through. SEO is also largely based on user experience, Helping to build brand authority, meaning the more you optimise your website, the more likely users are going to want to return to your website and convert.

Why use an SEO agency?

Using an SEO agency gives businesses access to a team of experts who have experience in improving websites visibility in the search results

Our main aim at Assisted has always been to improve our clients’ visibility online, for over 13 years, we have been developing our SEO strategies. With the best tools and resources available our SEO agency is able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

What is E-A-T?

E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) comes from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines which were created to offer advice on what Google looks for in a webpage. 

Here at our SEO agency in Leicester, we have a team of SEO experts who have analysed some of the highest performing landing pages on Google. They also frequently monitor Google’s regular algorithm updates helping them to understand and identify the most important page components to Google.

Is Assisted a specialist SEO agency?

Yes – with years of experience creating SEO strategies that convert traffic into sales, our team are SEO specialists and are on hand to help.

We are a complete digital agency and can offer services such as web design, insights & analytics, branding, digital PR, content and even social media.

Why use Assisted as an SEO agency?

We have core values, which makes our digital marketing agency different from competitors. We have built our agency on openness, relationships and expertise and our team of specialists try their utmost to be an extension of your business.

Whether it’s a deep dive into analytics or a friendly discussion on your business’s progression – we have all bases covered.