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Can social media marketing generate leads?

Your business missing out on potential traffic, engagement and potential sales.

Competition on social media continues to accelerate. Make your content stand out in the social feeds with a clear message and captivating brand identity. In 2021, 93% of marketers agree on a social increase in competition. Don't get left behind...


Assisted added the professional service required for our two new brands. They provide good MI for us to make informed decisions. The social media content is first class and they engage well with our PR and design teams. Very professional business. Would definitely recommend Assisted.

Steve Jones – PYF

Want to create awareness through social media?

Social media marketing uses social media channels to promote or sell a brand, product or service. In the past year, 76% of consumers have used social media more and 63% have made a purchase. This figure will continue to grow as social platforms adapt along with consumers. Not focusing on social media could lead to missed opportunities.

In 2022, if you do not have multiple channels actively running, the same audience that would have seen your brand – will likely discover a competitor. It’s the harsh reality of digital marketing.

At Assisted, our team can ensure that all your marketing channels are reaching full potential, generating communities, quality leads and producing engaging content in the process – all while staying ahead of the curve this year.




Digital PR



When it comes to SEO, we’ve got this. We have over 14 years experience improving our customers visibility in Google and Bing.

We have been delivering high quality, effective PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns for a wide range of businesses for over a decade.

We love data-driven decisions. We can analyse your site and campaign performance with the creation of DataStudio reports designed individually to suit requirements.

Digital PR is a strategy of gaining coverage for your brand by promoting your products, services, websites or content to journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry-related publications.

Creating content that drives interactions and engagement gives us the ability to target potential customers on a range of platforms and devices.

Social Media Marketing specialists, creating compelling content, helping businesses discover the full potential of social media.

Does your brand look relevant?

According to research, the primary goal of social media for UK businesses is brand awareness at 65%. The posts, visuals and videos you share are relevant storytelling content that can build long-term brand awareness and turn casual followers into brand ambassadors. The potential for growth on social media is limitless.

Ask yourself…

Does our visual identity feel authentic to our brand?
Does our visual brand identity feel unique?
Does the content resonate with our audience?

If you are not fully convinced by your answer, our team are on hand to help steer the ship in the right direction.

Focus on your core values when creating a visual brand identity. Give your customers something to remember you by.


Assisted have vastly improved our online advertising results at CIA Insurance. They provide a professional service but on a very personable basis. We would definitely recommend them.

Leicester-based, national agency

Based in two offices across the Midlands, we are centrally located within the UK and service a wide mix of businesses from large SMEs, to globally recognised organisations.

Our expertise and open approach help our customers to understand their SEO and PPC investment clearly. This improves internal stakeholder management and builds long-lasting commercial relationships.

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Social Media Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our social media specialists have collated questions and findings to some frequently asked questions (FAQs). This list answers how social media has an effect on your digital marketing strategy and what you might be missing out on. If you need any additional information, please, contact us today.

Why is your business on social media?

This can sometimes be a difficult question to answer. 


“Because everyone is on social media”.

“Because my competitors are on it”.


Of course, these answers are correct but it’s much more than this. Businesses should be on social media to:

  • Sell products/ services
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide customer service
  • Engage with communities
  • To research audiences/ competitors or to recruit staff

It is important to establish what your goals are as a business to create the right social media strategy to support your business. You shouldn’t be posting content for the sake of it – your content should always have a purpose which reflects your business goals.

Why is social media important for your business?

Social media is all about trust and relationships, you need to be engaging with your customers. As a business, your content is appearing in your customer’s personal news feeds. Social media content should be of a high quality which gives value to your customers and not always just providing a ‘sale’ or spam like content. What messages and content would you be ok with seeing in your personal news feeds?

Which channels should I be using for my business?

“Do I need to be doing the TikTok?”.

Whilst TikTok is quickly growing to become one of the most used social media platforms – you need to bear in mind what your target audience is. Yes – if your target audience is teenagers and people in their 20s then TikTok could be the best channel for you to be on.

However, If your target audience is business owners then LinkedIn would be a better channel for you to focus on. It is always better to be on one social media channel and doing it well, rather than on multiple channels and doing it badly. You need to think about the time and resources you have to create different content types and assets per channel.

How can you improve your social media channels for your business?

Think quality over quantity!

Posting high-quality content is key to a successful social media presence for your company. This is your chance to show your customers you care about their needs and how you can solve their problems/ any pain points they might have. Create a solution for your customers they didn’t even know they needed! Develop your relationships and turn them into loyal customers. 

Not posting too often, you don’t want to dilute your messages so bear in mind that often you are posting and think about when your customers will be using the platforms.

Why use Assisted for Social Media?

We have experience in developing social media strategies for a range of different businesses. Each business is different and we can help you stand out from your competitors and create a social media presence which reflects your brand.