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This week’s Searchdrop includes a piece of research that truly highlights the importance of working towards ownership of rich snippets, showcases a range of underrated tactics that everyone should consider if they’re not already and how to ensure you’re optimising your site for Google Discover!

What happens when you opt out of Google rich snippets

A recent study by Cyrus Shepard of Moz found that by opting out of the rich snippets available to users in the search results, you risk a potential loss of traffic – 12% in this case!

This wasn’t always the case as Google used to allow ‘double results’ where a site would rank for the rich snippet and the normal organic position. This changed when Google ‘de-dupped’ the search results meaning what was once additional search real estate, was not your own real estate.

This study is not only interesting, but also highlights the importance of ensuring your site is adequately set up for rich snippets. To do this we recommend:

  • Answering questions that support what you’re optimising for with clear and accurate content
  • Ensuring you have a quick loading site. Further to this, using AMP can support mobile performance
  • Utilising schema markup to ensure you’re giving Google an additional layer of information on your content and is better able to enable it for rich snippets

See the full research here

Underrated SEO tactics

SEO is an ever changing art and this means that tactics used are in a state of constant flux. What worked one week might not work the next and the value of any tactics changes with each algorithm update.

  • Updating content – look a previously performing content (traffic and engagement) for topics you can update your content on
  • Internal linking – ensure you’re passing page authority throughout your site, using relevant anchor text for the pages you’re linking to and always thinking of the user when linking
  • Branding – ensure you are cultivating branded search across all channels by investing in your brand to build trust with your users
  • Click Through Rate – create meta data that matches the intent of your searchers and entices them to click!

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How to optimise for Google Discover

Google Discover launched back in September 2018 and has since then allowed users a search platform that can be tailored to your interests. However, sometimes getting your content into Google Discover can be tough. In a recent post on SEMrush, Moss Clement covers some of the top things you can do to get your content into Discover.

  • Strengthen your content’s quality – this boils down to ensuring your content is ‘useful’ and informative. This is not only useful for Google Discover but also the broader search world
  • Use high quality visuals – this includes using relevant high quality imagery, video and other forms of creative
  • Create more exciting videos – use video to answer your users questions and improve both the engagement of your posts and the likelihood that it’ll appear in Google Discover
  • Abide by content guidelines – this should be a given if you’re hoping to rank anyway, but ensuring you’re working towards improving your needs met and page quality rating (from the search quality guidelines) will support you performing in Google Discover
  • Utilise AMP – Not only will AMP boost your rankings in mobile device and give your site an attractive lightening bolt on your result, but it’ll also support your appearance in Google Discover
  • Research your competitors – follow your topic or relevant topics for your business and see what’s making Google Discover select that content over yours. Try to emulate the differences in your content!

One final point on Google Discover – it’s important to remember it’s available in other languages, so ensure you’re creating your content for all the markets it’s 1, relevant for and 2, you serve. That way you’ll be covering all bases.

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