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By Sofie Farthing

Building the perfect Financial Services landing page

Last Updated 6 Jan 2020

Here at ASSISTED., we put a lot of time and effort into doing a great job for our customers. We know, we’re spoiling you. We’ve always aimed to put time into understanding how to be the best at what we do, and that desire to do the best job possible has taught us a lot over our time as a team. We’ve had huge successes with our customers, from retail and e-commerce to FMCG to financial services, but digital marketing for the financial services has become something of a speciality for us.

The financial services have been SEO-savvy for a while now, and yet the first page or so of the Google search results (especially for insurance products) is still dominated by financial service goliaths like MoneySuperMarket and Compare the Market. We got to thinking about how we could do more to help our financial services customers compete when the search results are dominated by huge companies, and we came up with an idea.

The Idea

We know that digital marketing is a difficult beast, but it’s not impossible. There’s a rhyme and a reason to everything, right? We figured that there must be some way to pin down and define a formula for financial services landing page that ranks in the top ten for its focus keyword. We weren’t looking for a quick fix, but instead for a set of guidelines to follow, some idea of the rules used by the financial service dinosaurs dominating page 1 of the search results.

We knew that the only way to do this was to get knee-deep in research. We decided on a set of on-site components to review – which grew exponentially as we worked – and looked at how they were utilised across 100 different financial services landing pages. We also just about memorised the Google Ux Playbook for Finance, which helped us along our way.

Data & Research


We chose site elements to review that we knew could have an impact on how a site ranks, like the site’s schema markup and the salient scores of the landing pages. Some of our findings surprised us, and some reinforced what we already knew (which made us feel pretty clever, honestly). There are clear trends between the majority of sites which helped us pull together some amazing and helpful results.


Since completing our research, we’ve started to work our findings into part of our strategy for our customers. But if you’re not one of our customers, you’ve missed out, sorry. No perfect landing pages for you. If only we’d written up our findings into a downloadable whitepaper so you could begin to replicate those results for yourself.

Oh, wait. We did that. Aren’t we just the coolest?

The Whitepaper

Our whitepaper will take you through the (absolutely riveting) process we went through to collect and analyse this data – from the ideation of the project right through to a detailed landing page mockup and a checklist so you can get cracking on improving your own landing pages.

Download our whitepaper on building the perfect financial services landing page here.


We’re in this to prove that SEO isn’t some dark art or black magic. It’s hard, but we’re clever. We’re an integrated digital marketing agency specialising in SEO, PPC and content marketing for Financial Services. We’re dedicated to understanding our customer’s needs and working alongside them to build great relationships and maximise their online performance.