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We are a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO, PPC and insights. We’re dedicated to fully understanding our customer’s needs and building great relationships, all whilst improving and maximising their business’s performance online.


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Financial Services SEO & PPC

Assisted specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & PPC (Pay Per Click) for financial services. Using our current customer base and our team’s years of experience, we’ll maximise your budgets across multiple channels.

We know our stuff, so we can implement commercially focused search strategies from the get-go, minimising risk and managing expectation.

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Our team of financial services SEO experts have reviewed over 100 top-performing landing pages in Google’s organic search results. The research has enabled our team to break down each component to understand the key technical SEO and content elements that Google values to define a standard of excellence within the financial space.

Download our guide today for free to find out what makes the perfect financial services landing page.

The Perfect Financial Services Landing Page Guide for SEO

Why do financial clients need digital marketing?

Most of our financial customers have a relationship with lead providers and often rely on comparison websites such as Compare the Market, Money Super Market or Go Compare.

We often work to complement or minimise reliance on these inbound leads with SEO and PPC through owned channels. Taking control of lead volumes, budgets, CPC (cost per clicks) and ultimately CPA is on most businesses agendas as they look to grow their businesses.

Financial Services - London
Our team understands how to maximise budgets and optimise strategies in the competitive space of financial services.




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When it comes to SEO, we’ve got this. We have over 14 years experience improving our customers visibility in Google and Bing.

We have been delivering high quality, effective PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns for a wide range of businesses for over a decade.

We love data-driven decisions. We can analyse your site and campaign performance with the creation of DataStudio reports designed individually to suit requirements.

Digital PR is a strategy of gaining coverage for your brand by promoting your products, services, websites or content to journalists, bloggers, influencers, and industry-related publications.

Creating content that drives interactions and engagement gives us the ability to target potential customers on a range of platforms and devices.

Social Media Marketing specialists, creating compelling content, helping businesses discover the full potential of social media.

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Why Choose Assisted for SEO & PPC?

Our team is Google Ads certified in search, display and mobile ads and we have been working for over 14 years developing strategies for businesses using SEO and PPC.

Combine this with us helping businesses in the financial services sector for over 8 years and we have everything needed to build the perfect strategy for your business.


We’ve used Assisted at LifeSearch for SEO and consultancy services for some time now. Nick and the team have provided a great uplift in our organic reach since day one – and have ‘assisted’ us on a few projects along the way.
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Take Control of Your Leads - Owned Digital Marketing Channels

If you’re not sure what an owned channel is, it’s when a business has control of its performance, the ability to flex investment and measure results. SEO and PPC (search) also usually manage customer experience and process leads on their own website and not a third party site, giving even more ownership to the business. SEO offers more sustainability for businesses by improving domain authority, site relevance and technical performance.

All of these factors can increase the sites ability to rank in the organic search results. SEO traditionally provides the lowest cost of traffic with conversions similar to paid channels. PPC is when you bid on a set of key terms within Google and Bing using Google Ads and Bing Ads respectively. We’re really proud to be a Google Partner, so we are fully qualified in search, display and mobile advertising, meaning performance is optimised from day one.

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Types of Financial Businesses we Work With

We work with a lot of different businesses within the financial sector, so we’ve got all the experience to make sure that we’re making the most of your digital marketing investment. We are able to apply our experience to ensure any investment in marketing is maximised. Here’s an idea of the kind of customers we’re currently working with:

  • Insurance providers
  • Insurance brokers
  • Global banks
  • Corporate banking
  • Loan and credit card providers
  • Investment companies

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Reporting & Insights

Understanding your investment is just as important as marketing itself. We use a few different tools that mean we can measure and track engagement and conversions, and we have the ability to track an agreed set of KPI’s that are critical to your business and stakeholders.

Utilising the Google Suite including Google Analytics, Google’s Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google’s DataStudio, we can pull out key metrics and display them on live dashboards, giving you and your team easy access to data at any point.

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Our Latest Financial Content

Our team has worked in the financial services sector for over a decade - Check out some of our latest insights and tips for success.

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Top Tips & Tricks To Know About PPC in 2022

SEO for Financial Services FAQ's

Understanding the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) for your business is crucial in playing a part in the marketing mix, which helps drive ROI (return on investment) from your digital marketing investment.

What is financial services SEO?

Financial Services SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving the traffic to your business’s website from organic sources such as Google and Bing. Popular search engines such as Google look closely at the Financial Services sector when considering the factors which determine the search engine result positions (SERPs). This additional scrutiny means it’s beneficial to have an experienced specialist agency pull together an SEO strategy.

What are the SEO challenges within financial services?

The Financial Services sector is governed by a tight set of Google search quality guidelines as they use specific algorithms designed to protect its users. This is based on the YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) & E-A-T (expertise, authority and trustworthiness), which takes additional emphasis from Google’s search guidelines.

What is YMYL (Your Money, Your Life)?

YMYL stands for “your money or your life” and is a key mechanism to how Google’s reviews websites, specifically within the Financial sector. This additional quality check is designed to protect users from unlawful websites and businesses trying to take advantage of organic search results.

Google references YMYL in its search quality rating guidelines describing it as “pages or topics that could potentially impact a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability or safety”. This means that Financials Service businesses automatically fall into this category as investments, insurance, banking, loads, tax and retirement planning can all affect a persons wellbeing.

What is E-A-T?

Expertise, Authority and trustworthiness or E-A-T guidelines, are designed to help evaluate the quality of the search results. Google has consistently reinforced the importance of demonstrating these factors for ranking websites and describe it as one of the most important criteria of a webpage’s quality.

Our team of financial services SEO experts have reviewed over 100 top-performing landing pages in Google’s organic search results to help identify the E-A-T components that Google values, download the guide for Free above.

Why is SEO important for financial services?

Because of the fruitful nature of a lot of financial products, the paid media space has become increasingly competitive with auction costs increasing year on year and CPC’s (cost per click) consistently heading north.

Having SEO in the mix allows us to minimise the reliance on paid traffic and future proof your websites authority, organic traffic, content and ultimately leads for years to come. In our experience SEO also drives a more competitive CPL (cost per lead) than PPC which can help lower the overall ROI (return on investment) from the marketing mix.

It’s also worth noting that recent studies show that although PPC click-through rates have improved over the recent years, only 50% of search impressions are clicked by PPC users with the other 50% skipping to the organic search results. This means if you only utilise PPC you only capture 50% of the market searching online.