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Author - Nick Rinylo
5 min read

How Is Google Going To Identify Individual Passages?

As Google continues to learn and understand more about high-quality content, the significance of backlinks decreases. To get ahead of the game, begin to learn and understand what Google looks for within the content.

Bing Ads
Author - Nick Rinylo
5 min read

Microsoft Bing Indexing Issues

In previous weeks we reported about the indexing issues that Google was facing over a few weeks which meant that business owners frustratingly were unable to get their pages indexed and displayed correctly by this search engine.

Author - Tristan James
5 min read

Now Hiring For Senior PPC Executive / PPC Manager

ASSISTED. are looking for a motivated, ambitious and experienced Senior PPC Executive or PPC Manager  who can work well as part of a team. You’ll be working with a range

Rise of the 'nano influencer'
Author - Sofie Tooke

Rise of the ‘nano influencer’

Influencer marketing is nothing new. The most successful of influencers can earn millions from their YouTube, Instagram, and blogging careers. It’s no longer just a marketing tactic –

Author - Sofie Tooke

Emojis – why do we love them so much?

As soon as we saw the announcement of the latest upcoming 2021 Emoji 13.1 update, we temporarily abandoned all responsibilities and hastily clicked to see which facial expressions

Author - Sofie Tooke

Mental health in the workplace

Everyone is familiar with physical first aid, whether you’re qualified to carry it out or not. But what about mental health first aid? The phrase can raise a few eyebrows

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