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By Roberta Morris

Why the air fryer is the No.1 Christmas present in 2022?

Last Updated 13 Dec 2022

Ironically you can cook hot cakes (and just about anything) in an air fryer – that’s if you can get your hands on one because they’re selling out faster than you can say ‘I need an air fryer for Christmas’. Let’s take a look at why the air fryer is this year’s number-one Christmas present.

The air frying phenomenon has sent sensible people into a series of mania.

‘I’ve had a tip-off of when they will be featuring on QVC so I’ve set an alarm for 2 am’ – Overheard in the office.

‘I ordered one from Argos but my order was declined after I had paid for it. I then had to travel to another county to collect one and waited for two hours.’ A colleague replied.

People are selling newly bought air fryers on Facebook Marketplace at a profit in the same capacity as those selling Rolexes on the black market. It’s all a bit silly and exciting, not to mention clever.

Ad campaigns, intelligent SEO and consumer sensitivity have all fed our desire to purchase the queen of all bulky appliances, the air fryer. Yes, people are willing to overlook the problematic storing issues her voluptuous base brings.

Why is the air fryer so popular this Christmas?

Behind every sell-out, Christmas product or service is a team of SEO and marketing geniuses driving it to the red ‘SOLD OUT’ notice in your shopping basket.

Creative Value Proposition Content

There’s a COLC on! With a great promise to reduce our energy bills this winter, the consumer has responded with intent to any product that offers financial relief.

Brands such as Ninja and Breville have understood the power of added-value content and copy.

‘Less time and saves you money’

is as delicious to a consumer as the chicken they are going to make in the air fryer.

Being able to recognise cultural and economical sensitivities allows brands to speak to the consumer psyche. Changing the subtext messaging from ‘buy this!’ to ‘this product could add value to your life, business, family’ is an effortless pull for your consumer.

SEO genius that gets brands seen

With brands all pitching for that position zero on for you to click, they need a team of SEO enthusiasts and content producers to make their landing pages sing.

The SEO team will feed the content team nuggets of keyword gold to help them rank higher than competitors.

‘The best air fryers 2022’ took a hit during the research for this piece. So for those who are reading in the hope to discover the best air fryer 2022, ranked by the BBC, click on the link.

With that said, link building is also very much part of the SEO puzzle. Whether brands are outsourcing published links from high-scoring domain authority bloggers or weaving them into their own content, the tapestry of excellent SEO is formed by building this ‘link footprint’.

Link building makes products, like the air fryer, easier to find and click through to. Bloggers and mainstream online publications have been linking to the air fryer like it’s The Second Coming  –  It’s no wonder so many of us are trying to get our hands on one.

Your story engagement on Instagram

Have you noticed that you’re kind of loving the adverts that Instagram is throwing at you on your stories?

Ecommerce is booming because of smart optimisation of Instagram stories. With targeted reach being easier than ever and quality click-through rates, consumers are spending more on products they feel connected with.

By now everyone knows, once you ‘like’ an air fryer brand on either Facebook or Instagram, you’re going to start to get those ads more consistently. It’s a soft remarketing strategy that allows the brand to get on your radar and then hopes you click ‘buy’ the second or third time you see the ad.

With the hype of air fryers swirling ‘organically’ between your WhatsApp family group and on social media, you’re more likely to engage with a brand people close to you are talking about and trust.

Shopify swears by the power of the Instagram ad as a story. So if you’re looking to explore your social and content options for your ecommerce business, why not book a call with us at Assisted today.

If Santa does gift you with an air fryer this year, let us know by commenting below or connecting with us on LinkedIn. We’re always happy to take you through your digital marketing solutions.

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