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By Nick Rinylo

Weather the storm: Top reasons to shift focus to eCommerce right now

Last Updated 25 Mar 2020

We recently shared our thoughts on why you shouldn’t stop marketing during a crisis. For your business to be able to weather the storm and see the other side, you need to keep going with marketing activities, even when it feels counterintuitive.

One thing we have seen throughout this crisis is that some businesses have been unaffected. And some have seen a surge in sales. With the world in varying states of lockdown, eCommerce companies are thriving.

Amazon has shifted focus to essentials like medical supplies and baby food. Supermarkets are experiencing an unprecedented demand for their online delivery services. Even local farm shops have had to put limits on new customers registering for accounts due to increased demand.

While all other non-essential trade has shut down, eCommerce is thriving. So could this be the time to shift focus to online sales? Perhaps you currently offer phone sales, a catalogue or a showroom? Could you easily pivot your business model to include online sales to help drive new revenue streams?

Here are some of the top reasons we believe businesses should use this period of low economic activity to pivot their business towards success.

Dominate the market with search marketing

With eCommerce, you can vastly expand your product lines and dominate a large share of the market. With an effective SEO and PPC strategy, even small companies can compete with the big boys.

In addition to your search marketing strategy, you should also think about conversion rate optimisation. What steps can you take to make it easier for the people who land on your website to complete their transaction? By taking some time to think like a customer, you could identify new ways to move website visitors through the purchase journey.

Even if your customers are just browsing at the moment, remarketing can help. With a comprehensive remarketing strategy in place, you could target them with a timely message a few months down the line.

The customers have spoken, eCommerce is the frontrunner

It won’t be long before any business resisting online sales will be considered prehistoric. If you want to avoid the dinosaur label, now is the time to shift your focus. You don’t have to manage the inventory, packing and shipping yourself. There are multiple eCommerce business models that could work for you. These include:


You manage the storefront and take payments, and then the order goes directly to your supplier. They pick and pack the order and also manage returns.

Wholesaling and warehousing

You manage the stock and ship directly from your warehouse. You sell to the general public and other retailers, expanding your potential customer base.

White Labeling

You choose a product that is already designed and manufactured by another supplier that offers a white-label service. You then package the product as your own and sell it to your customers.

Private Labeling And Manufacturing

When you have an idea for a product but don’t have the facilities or capacity to manufacture it, you can find a company to manufacture it and then either manage shipping to the customer, or ship to a third party, such as Amazon.


Customers pay a periodic subscription fee to receive a product they use regularly. Orders are automatically billed and shipped to the customer, ensuring a reliable and predictable source of income. Examples of this include Dollar Shave Club and Smol.

These are just some of the eCommerce structures you could consider. You can also manage your inventory and ship directly to customers.

Already running an eCommerce site? There’s still more to be done!

If you’re already running an eCommerce site, there’s still so much you can be doing during this period of disruption.

It’s a great time to test your marketing message to make sure it resonates with your customers.
Review your website content and check for areas where you could offer more insight and value.
Conduct an SEO and website health audit so you know if your site is up to the task.
Review your customer service policies. These may need to be revisited during the Coronavirus outbreak to account for things like returns and how customers can reach you.

While it might feel like there is no end in sight, business owners should look beyond the adversity and challenges and find their path to success. eCommerce is playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives, so why wouldn’t you want a slice of this lucrative pie?

If you want help getting your eCommerce store up and running, look no further than ASSISTED. We have experience setting up websites for companies large and small and can help you to find the right solution for your business. Get in touch today!