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By Sofie Farthing

September Marketing Campaigns: Our Faves

Last Updated 26 Sep 2019

In this incredibly colourful and creative industry, if you’re not checking out what everyone else is putting out there then your imagination and boundaries are never going to expand. It can be too easy to get caught up in your own vision and it’s important to get out of that bubble and take a look at what everyone else is putting out into the world.

We’ve been keeping our eye out all month for any eye-catching and thought-provoking campaigns throughout September, and here’s a round-up and a snapshot look at the ones we loved the most…

Atom Bank – Millennial Cartoons

Atom Bank’s latest campaign targets millennials with a series of witty cartoons that will resonate with any young person who’s dealt with your typical mainstream bank, created by the cartoonists at Modern Toss. Atom market themselves as ‘the most consumer-centric bank on the planet’ and with this campaign, they’re really bridging the gap between consumers and the banking industry by poking fun at all the modern-day frustrations a millennial may face when it comes to their bank.














These straight-talking adverts shine a light on bad practice within banks and challenge the lazy stereotypes about millennials. We’ve heard it all before, right? Living from the bank of mum and dad, spending all of their money on lottery tickets, meal deals and avocado on toast… They recognise that banks have been guilty of tarnishing all millennials with the same brush and they’re highlighting and giving power to the fact that actually, millennials want to be financially independent.

Spotify – Listen Like You Used To

You know what they say – they don’t make them like they used to! Everyone loves a classic, regardless of the era you’re from. If you’re reading this, you probably either grew up in the height of the 1979-1999 classics, or you grew up with your family members rinsing said classics. That’s exactly the kind of nostalgia that Spotify are giving us with their latest campaign, ‘Listen Like You Used To’, featuring a series of quirky, cultural creatives that hark back to well-loved music.

You can’t go wrong with a bit of word-play, which is something this campaign nails. The bold imagery uses classic lyrics, artists and song names and links them with modern day references so remind us that while life may change, classic songs remain the same.

Foot Locker – The Best Sneakers Of All Time

The world of sneaker enthusiasts is a big one, with some coveted collectable trainers going for £6,000+. However, it hasn’t always been that way and Foot Locker have been around since before the sneaker-culture boom. To celebrate their 45th anniversary, Foot Locker are inviting sneakerheads of note to pay tribute to sneaker culture by sharing their top five sneakers of all time.

The influential sneakerheads involved include DJ Kish Kash, Dutch tattoo artist Kwills and British artist Steel Banglez. All were asked to create their own video showing the world their top five greatest sneakers of all time which were then uploaded to their social channels for fellow enthusiasts to engage with.