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By Sofie Farthing

October Marketing Campaigns: Our Faves

Last Updated 31 Oct 2019

Another month, another round-up of our favourite marketing campaigns from this colourful and creative industry. The best way to stay inspired is to get out of your bubble and take a look at what is going on around us.

That’s why we keep our eye out all month for any eye-catching and thought-provoking campaigns. Here’s a round-up and a snapshot look at the ones we loved the most in October…

Marmite – Mind Control

Are you a Marmite hater? If so, you’re not alone. Research shows that Marmite is the most loved and hated product of our generation. If you are a hater however, you might not be one for much longer. For their latest campaign, Marmite used hypnosis in an attempt to convert haters of this divisive spread into lovers. They invited the nation’s biggest Marmite haters to join a 15 minute hypnotic mind-control experience that will try and turn them into fans, developed in consultation with hypnotist Rory Fulcher.

A group of Marmite haters were invited to watch a hypnosis film under controlled conditions where a series of mind-control techniques designed to change their taste perceptions and transform them into Marmite lovers were performed. A TV ad was then created, promoting the experiment and showing the 10 Marmite haters reacting to the mind-control film. After conducting a study that found 89% of the nation eats the same breakfast every week and more than a third are concerned about the sugar content in their morning meals, this campaign encourages people to stop ‘sleepwalking’ into their breakfast and incorporate savoury choices – such as Marmite. As a Marmite hater, I might need a little more persuading. Or a bit of hypnosis.

Audi – Tottenham Hotspur Partnership

To kick off the 2019/20 football season, automotive giants Audi have launched a football focused campaign that celebrates the brands partnership with Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. This campaign consists of a series of adverts, all of which draw parallels between Audi’s e-tron models and this year’s Spurs superstars, featuring the colour palette of the team’s away kit.

Whilst looking super sleek, futuristic and exactly the level of class and sophistication you’d expect from an Audi advert, the subtle references to Spurs players injects the perfect amount of humour. Moussa Sissouko is hailed for his speed, whilst Dele Alli is compared to the model’s ‘total accuracy in a tight spot’. A clever campaign that really scores a win.

Battersea – Rescue is our Favourite Breed

When it comes to animal campaigns, it doesn’t take much to win us over. Battersea’s latest however is twisting the norm when it comes to animal charities. We’ve all seen the adverts on daytime TV – forlorn, lost looking dogs making puppy-eyes at the camera in a desperate bid to encourage charity donations or for people to consider adoption. Battersea have recognised that this may be giving off the wrong impression about rescue animals. It’s not about pity anymore. It’s about portraying these animals as heroes and happy, fabulous animals – not damaged and sad.

52% of people believe that animals in rescue centres often have health or behavioural problems. This campaign hopes to move away from this image of rescue animals, resulting in a shift in the way society views rescues and ultimately, more people considering rescuing before buying a specific breed. With the ‘Rescue is our Favourite Breed’ campaign, every animal is shown as bursting with personality, character and quirks. The TV ad premiered during The X Factor: Celebrity and also boasts a long list of prime-time spots across some of the nations best loved TV shows, such as Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs and Sunday Brunch. A powerful message portrayed with plenty of fun and frolics.