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By Sofie Farthing

January Marketing Campaigns: Our Faves

Last Updated 2 Feb 2020

Can we still say Happy New Year? It’s our first blog post of 2020 so we’re going to risk it. We’ve welcomed in the year 2020 with a busy start, planning the year and creating content for our customers. In amongst all the January madness, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the fresh new marketing campaigns that our favourite brands have been putting out, in order to inspire our 2020 ideas.

To kick the year off, let us share with you our top three marketing campaigns for the month of January… 

First Direct and #moneywellness

To normalise the UK’s feelings about money, First Direct are launching a new integrated brand platform called #moneywellness. This platform will put money at the heart of the wellness conversation in 2020, recognising that it is one of the most prevalent sources of anxiety in the UK. The campaign to launch this platform aims to challenge the misconceptions that can hold people back from banking with confidence, such as thinking that they should be where their parents were at their age, or that other people know more or are better with their finances.

The UK’s health and wellness industry is set to top £43bn in 2020, yet the subject of money – one of the leading causes of anxiety in the UK – remains relatively unaddressed. First Direct hope to establish themselves as the leader of people’s financial wellbeing. They commissioned a survey to measure the state of the nation’s relationship with money, working with YouGov to interview 4,000 adults across the UK. Based on the survey data, almost half of UK adults (aged 18-55) admit that they would feel better about money if they realised others felt the same way as they did.

With this knowledge, First Direct created their very own Money Wellness Index, which will help to understand how their customers and the nation are feeling about money so that they can ensure they are best positioned to support them. The integrated 360 campaign to launch the #moneywellness platform was rolled out in January across OOH, digital, press, PR and social. The social content series shows everyday people sharing their individual, open and honest feelings about money. 

Bupa – ‘What is normal?’

Bravo to Bupa, with another campaign with a mental health slant for January. The healthcare giants are asking, ‘what is normal?’ in their latest campaign that seeks to normalise the issue, offer comfort and encourage more people to seek help with mental health problems. It’s the company’s first major ad campaign since 2017 and it looks to offer reassurance that, with seven billion people on this planet, there is not one definite type of ‘normal’.

Bupa points out that it’s a fact of life that most people will find their mental health challenged at some point, and whatever is on your mind, it’s normal to Bupa. As part of this campaign, Bupa has developed an online Mental Health Hub which is accessible to everyone and anyone. It will serve as a go-to source of information, guidance and tips to help people improve their mental health, along with signposting people to valuable resources from charities such as Mind and Samaritans.

Cadbury Creme Egg – ‘Eatertainment’

Getting us ready and raring to stuff our faces with chocolate this Easter, Cadbury Creme Egg has recently launched ‘Eatertainment’, the world’s first video-on-demand platform for chocolate lovers. The platform will host tongue-in-cheek cinematic short films inspired by the debate around how you should eat a Creme Egg. It’s sure to get people talking and discussing exactly which way is the best way to eat a Creme Egg.

Eatertainment will also offer viewers an ‘all-you-can-Eatertainment’ premium option that gives the audience access to additional bonus content by scanning a Creme Egg (as if we needed anymore excuses to buy one… or six). This platform turns eating the Creme Egg experience into entertainment. To quote the brand, ‘get ready to eat with your eyes and ears!’