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By Nick Rinylo

Google to highlight Google shopping deals to boost exposure for retailers

Last Updated 25 May 2021

As part of a host of other updates, including improved reporting and insights for promoted products in Google Shopping, Google has announced they’ll now be highlighting the best deals on products in a bid to increase exposure for retailers and ensure that users are getting the best deal on their products.

It’s an update currently available to all US retailers (with the change likely to occur a little later on for other markets) and these promotions will be automatically applied to all eligible retailers. Along with this, Google have made strides in making the whole process a lot easier and quicker, with approval times for new promotions being within hours, instead of days.

Furthering the attempt to increase exposure for retailers, Google will also now show these promotions in more places, such as:

  • Ads in Google Shopping
  • Free listings in Google Shopping
  • Google Images (on mobile)
  • Local inventory ads in search results

Google will also be adding an ‘on sale’ filter to the listings in shopping, making the process of grabbing a bargain that much easier! All of these new features will be available to all retailers (currently in the US only) regardless of whether they advertise with Google.

Here are some examples of the new promotions and reporting options:

Google Shopping

Auction Insights

For more detail of how to set this up, see Google’s help page here.