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By Sofie Farthing

February Marketing Campaigns: Our Faves

Last Updated 2 Mar 2020

February has been a month of productivity (no more January excuses), terrible weather and a little more terrible weather. One storm after another has meant a lot of time indoors… Staring at computer screens… Digesting content. 

So, what have we been loving from the big global brands this month? There’s been so many great campaigns but here’s the three that really made an impact for the ASSISTED. Team…

Tesco’s Diversity Plasters

This month, Tesco became the first UK supermarket to launch plasters in a diverse range of skin tones. It might not be something that many people had considered before now if they hadn’t already, but in such a diverse society, how did we get so far without different shades of plasters?! That’s exactly the message that the plaster’s advert and its powerful messaging portrays.

The plasters come in dark, medium and light shades and ‘better represent the nation’. Tesco said that they developed the product after a tweet went viral last year describing the emotions one man experienced when he put a plaster that matched his skin tone for the first time. The tweet in question has since been liked over half a million times and attracted over 100,000 retweets. Good on Tesco – we hope to see many other supermarkets and brands following suit.

Burger King – ‘Moldy Whopper’

Burger King made the headlines in February with its rather disgusting Moldy Whopper campaign. You’d think that the last thing a campaign promoting food should make you want to do is never eat again, but Burger King took brave steps in that direction. The campaign was actually designed to highlight Burger King’s shift away from artificial preservatives in its food, which is aims to remove by the end of 2020 in all of its US and some European markets.

Almost 50,000 took to social media to express their disgust at the video on the day of it’s release – not ideal but with close to 2 million views on YouTube, clever responses from other brands and over 21 million impressions on its hashtag, it seems the campaign was actually a success. After all, there’s no such thing as bad PR, right?

Snapchat – ‘Here For You’

A little different, we wanted to give a mention to Snapchat’s new ‘Here For You’ initiative. We’re all about a mental health campaign at ASSISTED. – especially when a social media platform takes it upon themselves to make a difference. When you think about it, Snapchat was interestingly built with privacy at its core, designed to let people by themselves without the pressure of being judged by others. It seems fitting that they should make a positive impact on the lives of people who use their platform with their new feature, ‘Here For You’.

It provides proactive in-app support to Snapchatters who may be experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis, or who may just be curious to learn more and help friends dealing with these issues. Due to roll out in the coming months, the feature will show safety resources from local experts when users search for certain topics, including those related to anxiety, depression, stress, grief, suicidal thoughts and bullying – all things that can be hugely magnified or caused by social media. Thank you Snapchat for doing your part in making the internet a safer place.