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By Sofie Farthing

Creative Projects Round-up 2018

Last Updated 10 Jan 2019

As a new year begins, we thought what better way to start the year off than to reflect on our major accomplishments achieved in 2018 at ASSISTED. Below is a round-up of work that showcases a range of interactive creative pieces, from quizzes, maps and databases. Take a look at last year’s work, and make sure to click on the links to try out each interactive!

The History of the Drake Foundation Infographic

The Drake Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation committed to improving understanding of concussion injuries in sport, based on scientific research and collaboration. With their aim being to help provide evidence-based research in aid of sportsplayers’ wellbeing, we helped envision a timeline of their history – covering the creation of the organisation to ongoing studies including their synopsis.

By collaborating with Drake Foundation on specific details of each study, both existing and completed, we drafted a timeline that detailed the year of study, figures of funding and types of participants. For a visual layout, we used a sportsground layout, with the timelines becoming markings for each milestone. In addition to icons, the timeline became an infographic that displayed core information simplistically.

Take a look at the full infographic by clicking on the image below:

See the original here: The History of The Drake Foundation

Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Phone? Quiz – PYG

A valid question that we all have asked ourselves at some point, but for our mobile insurance client Protect Your Gadget, creating an interactive quiz based on this query helps boost their services by allowing their customers to participate in a fun and humorous way. This type of rapport with their audience can help build a long term reliance with the company, and can also help spread the awareness of Protect Your Gadget to potential customers.

It’s best to just give the quiz a go for a better understanding on how it works by clicking on the image below – have fun!

Play the original quiz here: Are you addicted to your mobile?

Famous Tenants Quiz – PYB

Relatability is key to attracting a customer base closer to the company – and what a better way to do that through interactive design. Our landlord insurance comparison website client Protect Your Bricks, sister company of Protect Your Gadget, wanted to build on the visibility of the brand online, ensuring the brand is positioned well on both Google and across various social channels. Our team worked collaboratively to create an original creative piece to be used for both link building and social campaigns, in the form of an interactive quiz.

The quiz referenced popular TV shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘How I Met Your Mother’ to provide a relatable connection with Protect Your Brick’s audience, allowing them to complete the quiz and see which TV show tenant they are most similar to.

Try out the quiz by clicking on the image below and see who you end up getting:

Play the original quiz here: Which iconic TV tenant are you?

U-Drive Cars Interactive

With over 17 years of experience, U Drive Cars is a family run business that provide high quality driving experience enjoyable for all ages. This past year brought great news of a nomination from the European Search Awards for ‘Best Low Budget Campaign’, and exposure on Auto Express, a motoring news outlet, during the latter part of 2018 where U Drive Cars were featured in their article, ‘Dream car Christmas gifts for petrolheads 2018‘. To help provide a more realistic perspective on the performance of the cars, we created a VR Experience, allowing the customer to choose their car, which then redirects them to a YouTube video of a Virtual Reality 360 Driving Experience.

Explore U Drive Car’s Virtual Reality Experience Interactive by clicking on the image below:

See the original here: Supercar VR experiences

Interactive Body Map – Nu You Aesthetics

Nu You Aesthetics offers an alternative approach to weight loss with a range of cutting-edge non-invasive methods. To continue with long tail posts on their website, we created an interactive body map to clearly visualise their treatments, categorised between surgical or non-surgical procedures.

By hovering over a specific treatment that reveals what part of the body it relates to helps digest their treatments more efficiently. Creative and interactive content designed to be helpful, shareable and linkable lead to a UK Agency Award Nomination for the category ‘Best New Business’.

Expanding recognition of the interactive body map was successful with features in sites such as Just Average Jen, Mrs Mummy Penny, and What Emma Did.

Check out the interactive body map for a closer look on their vast weight-loss treatment services, just click on the image below:

Non-cosmetic verse cosmetic treatments

Turns per day Database – Barrington

Classed as one of the world’s leading watch winder brands designed in Britain, we refined Barrington’s existing campaign to capture users at all stages of their buying cycle, in the UK and US markets. The design strategy of ‘Turns per day Database’ helps users input their watch information efficiently with results that inform them how many turns per day a watch needs, and which direction to turn it.

Try for yourself by clicking on the image below:

Visit the watch database: Turns per day tool