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By Sofie Farthing

August Marketing Campaigns: Our Faves

Last Updated 2 Sep 2019

With big brands with big budgets, comes big campaigns with a big impact. Taking a look at what the big guns are putting out each month to top up our all important inspiration tank is super important to us. It keeps our mindset fresh and opens our eyes to more possibilities.

There were a few marketing campaigns that we loved in August. Here’s a round-up and a snapshot look at our faves and why we loved them…

The Institute of Cancer Research – Taking a Stanza

When you see a campaign about cancer, it’s usually quite powerful. The ‘Taking a Stanza’ campaign for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) is no exception. It saw poet Simon Armitage’s original poem ‘Finishing It’, (which was commissioned by the ICR and is all about the new generation of cancer treatments that their planned Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery will create) engraved onto a replica anti-cancer pill.

It was micro-artist Graham Short who had the tricky task of engraving the 51 words onto the 2cm x 1cm chemotherapy pill – not a job that we envy. This emotive campaign aimed to raise awareness of the ICR’s fundraising appeal which is looking to raise £14m to complete a word leading cancer drug discovery building.

We love the contrast in this campaign of poetry and science – two realms that perhaps aren’t often seen together. It brings the medical and emotional aspects of cancer together to create something that everyone will be able to connect with. The contrast of a huge issue and message, displayed on such a tiny little pill is also interesting – especially as the tiny little pill in question could actually be the answer to making cancer a manageable disease.

BBC Creative – #Peakysfanart

Any Peaky Blinders fans out there? It’s become a cult favourite TV show in the UK and we’re definitely here for it. In the run up to the much anticipated series five which aired over Bank Holiday weekend, BBC Creative called on fans to submit their fan art. More than 1000 pieces were submitted and of these, 16 were selected to feature in a ‘public display of obsession’ marketing campaign.


The chosen pieces were commissioned to be turned into giant murals nationwide, including Birmingham where the show is famously set. Not only this but each artist received £1000 for their work. The artwork has been displayed across BBC digital, online – especially on social platforms where this campaign really came into its own with the hashtag #Peakysfanart.

This campaign hones in on the ‘obsession’ of Peaky Blinders fans – firstly in the fan art and secondly of the share-ability of the impressive murals. It certainly got people talking, posting, hashtagging and celebrating this cult favourite series.

McDonalds – ‘Shnuggs’

Aside from simply being really fun to say, McDonald’s latest ‘Shnuggs’ campaign really appealed to us. To celebrate the launch of their new spicy McChicken Nuggets, they created a spoof brand – ‘Shnuggs’ which they promoted through a campaign video and a series of print adverts.

If you’re familiar with the popular hyped up youth culture brands such as Supreme and the way that their following goes slightly mental in anticipation whenever a new line is about to be dropped (we’re talking queuing in the streets for miles and security guards), then you’ll understand the brilliant tongue-in-cheek of this ‘Spicy X Chicken McNuggets’ spoof collab.

The TV ad and social campaigns are shot with a high fashion edge, complete with PVC bucket hats and tracksuits, all emblazoned with Schuggs branding. The video exaggerates the typical hype brand campaigns that tap into their cult followers and their tendency to overspend on ‘en vogue’ items. We love a tongue-in-cheek campaign – even more so when it involves high fashion chicken nuggets.