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By Sofie Farthing

April Marketing Campaigns: Our Faves

Last Updated 11 May 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to hold its grip on the nation, brands around the globe continue to put out messages of love and positivity to try and keep the country going. In a testing time, our favourite brands are stepping up, moving away from money-making and instead choosing kindness as their strategy. 

There’s no better time to share our favourite marketing campaigns. Sharing positivity is top of the priority list right now – especially in the digital space.

Atomic London – #postersforthepeople

Embodying all of the above, more than 70 brands have come together to help spread messages of encouragement and hope across the nation with the Posters for the People initiative. These brands are using the enormous reach of their social channels to post striking messages created free of charge by world-renowned artist Tyler Spangler, with the hashtag #postersforthepeople. These messages are also running across digital outdoor spaces, with positive feelings portrayed through vibrant colours and typography.

Brands have a huge influence on our lives and this initiative shows that they want to use that influence to help people feel good. That’s what it’s all about. 

Carlsberg – ‘Adopt a Keg’

In a bid to support bars in its homeland of Denmark, Carlsberg are asking people to ‘adopt a keg’, which they can fill up virtually from home now and exchange for real beer in a real bar as soon as they can reopen. All danish beer-drinkers need to do is enjoy a bottle or can of Carlsberg at home during lockdown before scanning the label to add it to their virtual keg on the Carlsberg Denmark website. They can fill their virtual keg with four scanned beers, at which point they will earn two post-lockdown pints of Carlsberg to share with a friend when they can finally visit their favourite bars or restaurants.

Bars are closed and we can’t enjoy them as we want to. In typical Carlsberg no-nonsense but humouristic fashion, ‘Adopt a Keg’ gives people the opportunity to support bars and the hospitality industry, whilst giving them something to look forward to and helping to kick-start businesses when they open up again. It’s a great way to help the critical partners of Carlsberg, while offering hope and support in this time of crisis.

KitchenAid – #MakeItTogether

KitchenAid’s latest campaign is of course focused around one of life’s biggest pleasures right now – food. Cooking it, baking it, sharing it and eating it; food is something we can all look forward to each day to lift our spirits. This campaign provides useful content, inspires creativity in the kitchen, bringing people together around the joy and comfort of making.

KitchenAid recognised the need to provide ‘makers’ with the tools to help them make cooking easy and fun. They saw how new home cooks and bakers were emerging overnight as a result of staying at home and people were organically sharing how they were using their KitchenAid to make bread, pasta, cookies and more on social media. This campaign uses Instagram and Pinterest to engage with the community with recipes for some of the most talked about cooking trends, from whipped coffee to banana bread. A truly digital campaign.