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By Rowena Cole

Threads – Do I Need This For My Business?

Last Updated 11 Jul 2023

If you’re involved in Social Media Marketing or Marketing in general, chances are you’ve come across the buzz around ‘Threads’ this week.

Threads, the latest social media platform introduced by Meta to compete with Twitter, has been the talk of the town. Your coworkers or clients might have approached you with questions like, “Should we incorporate Threads into our marketing strategies?” or “What are the best practices for using Threads?” and perhaps even, “Will it stand the test of time, or is it just another passing trend?”

Take a deep breath and don’t panic just yet, because we’re here to break it down for you.

Meta Vs Twitter

Facebook has made several attempts over the years to compete with Twitter, even going as far as replicating Twitter’s iconic features like hashtags and trending topics. However, now Facebook’s parent company is making perhaps its boldest move yet to challenge Twitter’s dominance.

Meta has officially launched Threads which is ‘aiming to create a space where people can engage in real-time conversations online’ a space that has always been Twitter’s claim to fame. And guess what? The app already has a whopping 30 million sign-ups as of Thursday 6th July, according to none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself, who shared the news on his verified Threads account.

“We hope to take what Instagram does best and create a new experience around text, ideas, and discussing what’s on your mind.” He also responded to posts and shared his thoughts on whether Threads will ever be bigger than Twitter. “It’ll take some time, but I think there should be a public conversations app with 1 billion+ people on it. Twitter has had the opportunity to do this but hasn’t nailed it.”

This hasn’t been taken lightly by Elon Musk who tweeted “Competition is fine, cheating is not.”  No matter what your standpoint is on the whole Meta Vs Twitter debacle it’s time to work out if Threads is a channel worth being on for your business!

What’s the difference between Twitter and Threads?

When it comes to character limits, Threads takes a slightly different approach compared to Twitter. For non-paid Twitter users, the limit stands at 280 characters, while Threads offers a generous 500-character limit. However, if you happen to be a Twitter Blue user, you’ll enjoy a maximum of 25,000 characters to express yourself fully.

Now, it gets interesting: Threads automatically grant verification to users who are already verified on Instagram. So, if you’re one of those lucky folks with that blue tick on your Instagram profile, Threads has got you covered.

To jump on board with Threads, all you need is an Instagram account. The process is simple—you can import your bio information and followers directly from your existing Instagram profile, making it convenient to get started.

And guess what? Threads go the extra mile when it comes to video content. Even unverified users can post videos up to five minutes long, giving them more room to share their stories and experiences. Meanwhile, Twitter sets a limit of two minutes and 20 seconds for non-verified users.

Do I Need Threads For My Business?

So, let’s dive into the big question: Should you and your business jump on the Threads train? Well, our advice would be to not rush into it just yet!

Take a moment to step back and keep a close eye on the app. See if it genuinely fits your business objectives and resonates with your audience.

Threads could potentially evolve into a fantastic customer service channel. Its fast-paced nature and ability to foster immediate responses create a promising environment. However, it’s important to remember that utilising Threads effectively will require sufficient resources and time. Like with any social media platform, it’s better to excel at a couple of channels rather than spreading yourself too thin and delivering mediocre results across the board.

Let’s get to work

Get in contact with us at Assisted to start your social marketing journey with Threads. While you develop your business, we’ll take care of everything marketing. We offer a range of bespoke services all in-house so you feel connected to your marketing from the get-go. Assisted are here to make your digital marketing soar. Call on 01788 288020.