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Digital PR agency

As the landscape of SEO has changed over recent years so has the techniques used by agencies to help gain coverage and improve a business’s websites organic positions.

ASSISTED. have now tailored an approach to digital PR with SEO benefits in mind, gaining online coverage, building high-quality backlinks and improving domain authority.

Recognition & Partnerships

What is digital PR?

Digital PR is a strategy of gaining coverage for your brand by promoting your products, services, websites or content to journalists, bloggers, influencers and industry related publications.

These processes primarily focus is to broaden brand awareness and gain high-quality backlinks that point towards your business’s website. These backlinks at as votes for your business which major search engines take into consideration for your organic search positions.

How we work with our customers.


Our business model is built on trustworthy relationships, whether it be with our customers, team or peers.


Clear objectives, strategies and execution means expectations are managed and results are measured accurately.


We don’t just talk about what we’ll do for your business, but dedicate our time to delivering on our promises and strategies.

Digital PR vs Traditional PR

Traditional PR (Public relations) usually relates to a range of communication activities such as events, experiential marketing, reputation management, sponsorships and trade shows. Alongside this activity would be press release distribution to focus the attention of industry related, localised or the national media – Building awareness is the primary goal.

Measuring traditional PR techniques is famously difficult with most campaigns unable to define the reach and engagement from any activity.

Digital PR is similar in terms of the process, however, the desired outcome is different. Building relationships with the media, influencers and bloggers to secure placements online is conducted in a similar fashion. The difference is that we’re achieving tangible reach by using tools such as GA (Google Analytics) to measure traffic, engagement and conversions.

There is also the added SEO benefit of building awareness on digital publications, the sites providing the coverage often link back to your brand building a backlink. This backlink is valuable in Google’s eyes and helps improve your domain authority and therefore can impact your search engine rankings.

Google Partners

After demonstrating the ability to maintain and develop our customer’s Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns over a 12-month period, we’ve had our performance analysed by Google and they’ve subsequently approved our status. We are trusted with large budgets by a number of customers, in a range of industries, and we consistently achieve great results.

Types of digital PR strategy

Digital PR covers a range of online activities and comes in many formats, some of which we have detailed below:

  • Guest postings content to receive high-quality backlinks
  • Networking and partnerships with journalists and editors
  • Press release distribution
  • Prospecting and outreaching
  • Responding to journalists requests
  • Influencer targeting and marketing
  • Product reviews and product distribution
  • Content amplification – Programmically shared
  • Affiliate programs

How to measure the success of digital PR?

Online analytics tools now give us better control when measuring return on investments – Considering all the different types of digital PR, most are easily trackable.

Google Analytics can provide data such as users, dwell time and engagement across content distributed on both our your own site and third party sites. GA will also allow us to see referrals from any places that link to your business, allowing us to track traffic, engagement and conversions.

On top of these SEO backlink tools also allow us to measure the number of referring domains pointing towards our website, domain authority and the total number of backlinks. This means we can measure the success of any digital PR from an SEO point of view.

How does digital PR fit into my marketing strategy?

We integrate digital PR into all our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies, as domain authority is such an vital ranking factor it’s important we invest budgets into acquiring new backlinks.

Without backlinks, and therefore domain authority it’s unlikely that your business will ever compete in major search engines for valuable search terms that relate to your business.