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Google Analytics Agency

Understanding how customers engage with your website is more important than ever. The insights we receive from the Google Analytics data can help drive the future decisions you make for your brand.

The correct implementation of Google Analytics (GA) is vital to ensure data integrity, our team have been working with Google’s Analytics for over 12 years and will ensure your reporting is accurate and easy to digest.

Recognition & Partnerships

Analytics Health Check

The accuracy of data is vital to the success of making decisions based on customer engagement and the data that we are provided. A Google Suite implementation audit will ensure all aspects of the website are tracking correctly.

We will ensure accounts are set up effectively with minimal duplication, some of the tasks we undertake include:

  • Implementation & compliance
  • Review profiles & filters
  • Sub & Cross-domain tracking
  • Google Tag Manager implementation
  • Goals, Conversions and e-commerce tracking
  • Paid channel connections (Google Ads)

How we work with our customers.


Our business model is built on trustworthy relationships, whether it be with our customers, team or peers.


Clear objectives, strategies and execution means expectations are managed and results are measured accurately.


We don’t just talk about what we’ll do for your business, but dedicate our time to delivering on our promises and strategies.

Ongoing Analytics Services

Having the time to decipher the results or a campaign, paid media performance and monthly traffic can be tricky. Our team will pull out the key performance indicators (KPI’s) that are valuable to your team and business making the digestion of data super simple.

Once your MI (management information) has been collated we can make recommendations based on the results for which type of content, channels or campaigns are getting the best engagement – all of the time making data-driven decisions.

Google Partners

After demonstrating the ability to maintain and develop our customer’s Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns over a 12-month period, we’ve had our performance analysed by Google and they’ve subsequently approved our status. We are trusted with large budgets by a number of customers, in a range of industries, and we consistently achieve great results.

Content Engagement Tracking

Content marketing is an important part of a brands business strategy in today’s world. We can track and report on engagement across a set of elements on key pages or your whole site.

By assigning a value to each of the events we track we can report on an engagement score metric to easily compare performance across a number of campaigns. This is a tailored service specific to ASSISTED.’s offering.

Using Google Tag Manager to fire events we can track and report on the following:

  • Scroll Depths
  • Video Plays
  • Dwell Time
  • Button Clicks
  • Conversions & Goals
  • Events
  • Downloads

DataStudio Reporting Dashboards

Gathering accurate data is just one part of the puzzle when it comes to analytics and insights. Using Google’s DataSudio we can create a series of individually tailored dashboards to clearly report on performance.

Pulling out key reporting metrics we can provide a set of MI on a live dashboard that can be accessed at any point. This means immediate access to information to manage internal stakeholders, partners or agencies.