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Searchdrop this week covers Web 2.0 links and their value to your SEO campaigns. These are links built off micro-blogging sites such as Tumbler and Reddit. We’ll explore the value of both dofollow and nofollow backlinks and how context on these links may impact the value they provide. Finally we share our research into building the perfect display ad and what it takes to perfect your designs for maximum conversion.

Web 2.0 links are 'spammy' and have zero SEO value

John Mueller, Trend analyst at Google, has long been a bridge for the SEO community to communicate directly with ‘Google’ – we ask our questions and then run away quickly, deciphering every syllable uttered by Mr Mueller, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

During one of John’s many Google Webmaster hangouts, the topic of Web 2.0 link building was covered. This is where you build links from micro-blogging platforms such as sites like Tumblr, Reddit and Quora etc.

John explained how proactively building links from these platforms to your site has zero impact and will likely be considered spam.

Aside from link building however, there are other benefits of using these sites in your SEO campaigns:

  • You can better understand the way your potential customers are talking about your product/service and reflect this in your marketing efforts
  • Research the types of questions your users are asking about your product/service and answer these questions on site.
  • Engage with your audience or potential customers within your niche. This will be different across the platforms but they should be considered as ‘other channels’ in which you can build brand awareness and hopefully leverage this ‘new’ audience to build on branded search terms.

It’s a fair assumption that natural links from these platforms won’t be a problem, but if you’re putting budget into building links from these sites then it’s worth reconsidering this.

Read further analysis and see the hangout video here

Dofollow and Nofollow links both have value, but they need to be considered in context.

As the digital world has developed over the years people have begun to understand the value of a link from their site, and this has lead to two different approaches. Charging people for the link (not allowed as per Google’s guidelines) or using nofollow links to stop the flow of ‘page authority’ making the SEO value of the link less.

The latter hasn’t been the case for some time however. Since September 2019 Google changed its approach to Nofollow links, using them more as a “hints” than an instruction to not pass authority.

So a couple of tips when it comes to link building are:

  • Build links naturally, through content creation and relationship building with relevant people in your industry
  • Don’t worry too much about dofollow or nofollow on your links. If Google deems the link to be valuable, natural and relevant you’ll receive the value.

Link building continues to be one of the most important and challenging aspects of search marketing. Investing in content that will get you links can be an expensive and time consuming process, but the rewards are always worth the initial difficulties.

See further analysis on this topic and watch the video here.

Creating the perfect display ad takes some research!

The team here at ASSISTED. have created a guide on how to make the perfect display ad. We’ve done the research by identifying current trends, analysing the ads from our customer’s competitors – and by doing some trial and error testing of our own! From our research comes a step by step process to increase  make the most of your display ads and increase your click through rate.Our guide looks at:
  • The reasoning behind creating and displaying a logo
  • How to use imagery
  • The best ad format for your goals
  • Creating an effective CTA (Call to action)
  • How to write short and sweet ad copy
  • The importance of displaying review widgets in ads.
For more, find the full blog post here.