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In Searchdrop this week we continue to provide some intel related to the impact of COVID-19 on the digital marketing ecosystem, as well as trying to offer support by highlighting some tips for working at home. We also explore the most recent schema markup released to support events that are being cancelled or postponed due to the current global situation.

Top tips for working from home.

Speaking from previous experience, we’ve always found working from home a challenge, but maybe this comes down to a lack of preparedness. Given the nature of social distancing meaning that many of us are working from home, we’ve taken some time to think how about how we can simulate the office experience at home.

Zaine Clark at Seer Interactive has also done this, and written up a really useful article on how to set yourself up for success when working from home.

The three areas of focus highlighted are:

  • Productivity – This comes from building a ‘workspace’ where there are minimal distraction and you’re able to focus, as if you were in the office.
  • Communication – There are so many options for remote communication; WhatsApp, Slack, Google Hangout, Zoom, Skype… the list goes on and on. Whilst working remotely with your colleagues or clients, consider keeping your laptop camera on as this can help to make meetings more personal.
  • Equipment – This can and does vary from business to business. Really mimicking your office setup can support your ability to work in the same way but from a different location.

Read all the tips here.

COVID-19's impact on Ad spend leads to drop in Finance search terms CPC

With businesses fighting to ensure they’ll have enough cash to weather this storm every little helps. Often this results in cash being siphoned from marketing budgets, as this is deemed to be the least worthwhile spend during hard times. In reality, this is a prime time to digitally market your business, as with more people at home and online your chance of reaching your audience is good!

Thanks to research from Wordstream, we can see that this cash grab from marketing spend is actually having a positive effect on cost per clicks for ad spends across different industries, including the financial services, which would usually be one of the most expensive sectors in terms of PPC.

This means that not only will clicks be cheaper in one of the most expensive industries for paid ads, but this also may open the door for smaller financial businesses to target the bigger phrases that may previously been priced out of.

This situation isn’t likely to last forever. As the economy (and life) normalises, expect to see the cost of PPC for the financial sector increase again.

Read the full research here

Google launch new 'eventStatus' for Coronavirus impacted events

Given the recent government advice about public gatherings, events have taken a big knock and many have had to cancel, postpone or reschedule – from conferences to the West End to live music. Naturally, many event attendees and ticket buyers are anxious to find out whether their events are still going ahead (as well as the status of their tickets and refunds). To support users in getting this information as quickly as possible, Google has quickly released a new “eventStatus” schema.

This schema allows businesses holding events to quickly tell their users that an event has changed, and would support other communication performed – such as email notifications.

This schema’s release highlights Google’s ability to very quickly establish a new and very valuable piece of structured data. Make sure you’re reviewing schema.org and keeping tabs on Google news regularly to ensure you’re the first to get to the new schema markup.

Read more about this schema here and here.