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This week’s #searchdrop looks at the expansion of Bing’s webmaster tool, capturing leads from YouTube ads and mobile-first indexing problems and how to avoid them.



Bing's webmaster tools will expand image & video reporting

Last week in our #searchdrop news stories, we mentioned that Bing has introduced us to the new webmaster tool, which is an equivalent to the Google Search Console. We are now happy to inform you that Bing mentioned expanding their reporting capabilities on the image and video features.

Recently Koray Tuğberk Gübür tweeted the question as to whether Bing’s Webmaster Tool will gain the visual search feature, and Bing’s Webmaster Team confirmed that this is one of the features they are considering adding.

This is exciting news as visual search might be very helpful for those with an image, but no knowledge of what it presents and are trying to find more information about the person or product from the photo. As the exact video and image features haven’t been confirmed, we will continue to update you on the new features and announcements from Bing in upcoming months.

Google ads advertisers can now capture leads from YouTube

Google Ads advertisers are now able to capture the leads from YouTube. This is great news for all PPC specialists. Since last year, Google allowed advertisers to get leads with use of a vast range of extensions from the search ads, but they have now decided to expand it to the video ads that appear on YouTube.

With the new lead form extension, PPC specialists will now be able to show a lead directly from the video ad. This is an important feature which allows users to share information during their search without entering the website landing page that advertises the product. The ease of adding the details will not only decrease the user journey, but will also help us to find high-quality leads quicker and more efficiently.

During video campaign creation, advertisers will be now asked what information they would like to gather from the users. Those can include the following:

Phone number
Zip/Postal code
Company they work for
Job title
Work email
Work phone number

Advertisers will be also able to ask more specific questions for their industry. We look forward to trying the new lead forms in our video ads and we are excited to hear about the new lead extension for display ads, which should be introduced later this year.

Mobile-first indexing problems and how to avoid them