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This weeks #searchdrop looks at feedback and product feed optimisation to support both content and your Google product feed. We also look at the new features launched in Bing webmaster tools.

What is feedback optimisation?

Feedback optimisation is where you engage your users to feed into the process of improving your content. This feedback is then reviewed and implemented into the content of your page. And a recent piece of work by Abby Reimer suggests that big wins in CTR can be achieved with minimal effort when you take users thoughts and ideas into consideration.

What is the feedback optimisation process:

  1. Create an article and ensure comments are enabled
  2. Include a call-to-action to comment at the end of your article
  3. Promote the article on all channels e.g. social and email
  4. Review the comments from social and the article (filtering spam)
  5. Select the key things users are recommending, asking for etc
  6. Update your article to include those ideas
  7. Repeat this process ongoing for future pieces of content

This process will ensure your articles are always supporting your users and continue to be useful to your existing and new users. Additionally, it’ll improve your abilities to rank for new terms users are searching for, as well as increasing your click-through rate from search.

Google starts showing different attributes in the Google product feed

Google has recently begun surfacing product attributes such as material in the Google product feed. This new visibility for attributes is part of a recent rollout of on mobile and is currently testing on desktop.

Google is crazy for testing and regularly has 1000’s of tests running at any one time. This recent update and test highlights the importance of filling in all the product attributes you can.

What should I do?

You should firstly audit your product feed to ensure you’re utilising every possible attribute available to your product type. This sort of information, if it doesn’t exist on your product pages on-site as well can be incredibly useful for search and as such should be utilised there as well.

With this additional information you should ensure that within your product set you’re utilising Item_Group_Id’s to ensure that you’re serving the most relevant variants of a product to your users. This handy help guide from Google will support in setting this up.

Finally, you should opt-in to Surfaces in your Google merchant centre. Once you’ve added all the required attributes for this you’ll be eligible to appear other Google products/services like Google images, Google lens etc for free.

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Bing launch new functions into Bing webmaster tools

This week Bing gave SEOs a great reason to look at their search engine and its add ons. Many of us have been waiting since the Bing February announcement for the new release of Bing webmaster tools. We were previously able to see some renders of the new webmaster tools, but now we can access a full tool and can start preparing ourselves for the departure of the old webmaster tool. Bing webmaster tool is an equivalent product to Google’s search console. This amazing tool is completely free for marketers and webmasters and allows us to detect any technical issues which appear on the live website, as well as track the progress of their organic traffic. Bing announced the following new functions have been released in the new tool:
  • URL inspection – a BETA feature that allows SEOs to inspect Bing’s indexed versions of website URLs and provides information about any indexing issues. This feature will be very useful when working on specific URLs
  • Robots.txt tester – a feature that allows us to upload and test a robots.txt file with the use of the parser which is used in Bing production
  • Site Scan – an on-demand site audit tool that will not only crawl your website but also check and report any technical SEO issues. This will not only help us to improve website performance at Bing but also on different search engines
Even though Bing isn’t the primary choice of internet search engines for many of us (dependant on demographic), we are clearly impressed by the new features and UX which includes a great and easy to use navigation.