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Welcome to the first in our new regular content series Searchdrop. This is where we take the weeks biggest SEO news stories and pull out the top three that we think will impact you and your performance in Search. Searchdrop will ensure that you’re always armed with the most important going’s on in the world of Search and will hopefully give you the tools to tackle any new challenges.


Google rolling mobile-first indexing out to all sites in the next 6 to 12 months

For those’s who aren’t aware, mobile indexing is where Google utilises the mobile content of your site e.g. the content that appears for users on mobile devices to determine your performance in the search results. This has been rolling out for quite some time now and it looks like Google is making moves to finalise the process for the whole index by setting this timescale. If mobile-first indexing hasn’t landed on your site just yet then it’s important you ensure your site is:

  1. Mobile friendly and the user experience is as good as the desktop experience
  2. The content is the same across the site regardless of whether it’s viewed on a desktop or mobile device, something we call content parity
  3. Fully verify your site’s Google Search Console account and watch out for notifications on mobile indexing and warnings on mobile-friendly issues.

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View in 3D objects for e-commerce sites found in search results

Launched at Google I/O in 2019, 3D objects in search originally began as an educational tool, with giant pandas, great white sharks and muscle flexion being made available in the search results. This allowed users to take a closer look at these animals and better understand how muscle flexion works (don’t ask us!).

Now businesses should look at extending their creative assets for products to 3D objects, as Burberry have with their 3D products. The beauty of this from a user experience perspective is you can ‘give’ the users the product before they’ve even purchased it, allowing them to see if it’ll work with their current outfits (in this example). In the future, we expect these 3D objects will become common place for most eCommerce sites.

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Crack down on paid guest posts as Google send out manual action?

Guest posting has long been a topic of some discussion – how safe is it from an SEO perspective? Is the value worth the risk? It seems Google is going further to now let us know that paid-for guest posting is not cool! Sites offering a home for this sort of content are being handed manual actions with requests, including adding no-follow tags to external links on specific posts.

So, if you’re currently working with these sort of sites, or paying for these sort of links it’s time to reconsider your approach and push that budget into ‘link-worthy’ content creation.

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