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By Sofie Farthing

Facebook Posts Round Up

Last Updated 22 Feb 2017

Over the past few months we’ve added some helpful content on our Facebook page, so we thought we’d pull them all together for a round up for our blog. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly updates, tips, tricks and hacks for your digital marketing campaigns.

Compressing Images For Mobile

With mobile usage over taking desktop for most sites it’s vital we optimise our users experience if they’re not connected to a network with broadband.

A simple way to do this is to ensure we compress the images we use on our websites, content or social posts. We’ve been using a simple online tool which minimises an images file size without compromising quality or the need for expensive photo editing software.

Check out – I’ve attached two images, one’s the original at 1.7MB and one’s been compressed at 90% quality using Optimizilla and is now 216KB (8th of the size).

Google Tag Manager

If you want to get more data from your website, but don’t have easy access to keep adding in additional scripts for different pieces of software, consider implementing Google’s Tag Manager. –

Google Tag Manager uses a piece of code on your website that allows you to add in different elements of functionality remotely, rather than having to contact your developer each time.

This gives increased flexibility and agility for your team or marketing agency. Google pre-set some elements shown in the image attached, but you can also see ASSISTED. has several non-Google scripts running.

Once installed you can easily and remotely add in analytics, Facebook pixels, re-marketing tags, conversion tags, 3rd party software or even custom HTML specific to your business.

Facebook Banner Sizes

Facebook Business Page Tip – We recently made a mistake when updating our business page cover photo, the recommended size from Facebook is 828px X 315px.

However FB then crops the sides of the image on the mobile app due to FB retaining the mobile ratio but filling the default mobile height.

The way to fix the issue is for your cover photo to be 828px X 465px, you will then see the full image on a mobile and you can then adjust the position of your image or photo to fit correctly on a desktop.

See image for more explanation.

Google Display Network Template

We’ve recently designed some Google Adwords display ads for ourselves and our customers. To help with the process we created a simple template with all the current sizes included.

There’s a few ‘display network templates’ out there, but some are missing Google’s latest mobile sizes.

We thought it might be helpful, feel free to use the JPEG attached or you can download the PSD file here.