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As we begin a new year, we thought it would be a great idea to look back at a very busy but highly productive year here at Assisted. Rounding up some of our favourite creatives we have produced in the last 12 months. From infographics and blog posts to interactives and calculators, this post will round-up some our personal highlights.

Have a look through and don’t forget to click the links and take a look at the full creatives.

Watch Depreciation Infographics - Barrington

For our client Barrington, a provider of luxury watch winders, we produced a series of infographics comparing the depreciation of three watches from manufacturers Rolex, IWC and Omega.

Firstly, we picked three of the most iconic models for each manufacturer, tracking the depreciation (or appreciation) of that model for years 1, 3, 5, 10 and 20. This was then formulated into a table, showing the value depreciation from the original RRP.

Once we had gathered the information for the three watches, we then created graphs for each individual watch. This made the information easier to digest and made dramatic depreciation or appreciation more obvious, we then summarised the results clearly and concisely in a box next to the graph.

Find all three respective depreciation pieces below –

The History of Mobile Phones Infographic - PYG

For Protect Your Gadget, a gadget insurance comparison company, we produced an infographic exploring ‘The History of Mobile Phones’. Tracking all of the biggest innovations and iconic moments of mobile phone tech from the 1970s all the way up to the modern day (and beyond).

The aim was to create a flowing infographic, with clear separation between the decades in the form of relevant patterns and backgrounds. The 70s brought with it flower power, the 80s neon and sweatbands, and so on.

This project was particularly fun because each decade felt like it’s own seperate story, and using their brand style we recreated some of the iconic gadgets in the form of characters to lead you through the narrative.

A challenge we relished with this piece was coming up with different ways to visually represent each fact, and it’s amazing how many creative directions you can take when discussing the same topic.

Overall I believe the outcome was a very entertaining piece of content, aimed at both young and older audiences, jam-packed with references to pop-culture and retro throwbacks.

You can find the full History of Mobile Phones infographic here.

Ingredients Blog Series - Rossano Ferretti

Rossano Ferretti is a world famous hairdresser with a new range of hair care products, so we decided to create series of blog content based around key ingredients used in the products. Beginning with a piece about the benefits of the Avocado oil used in their shampoo, also exploring the origins of the Avocados themselves.

The aim of creating this content was to give the audience something slightly different to the other content on the blog, informing the reader about geographical, historical and scientific facts about the ingredients as well as promoting the product range.

We presented the outcome of our research in the form of infographics and maps, with the goal of making the information pleasing to the eye as well as informative.

The main challenge we faced was keeping the look of the designs in line with the Rossano Ferretti brand, and this was achieved by using theur signature Bodoni typeface, in conjunction with a colour palette limited to black, white and a single colour.

So far in the series we have featured Avocado oil, Mandarin peel and bamboo sap extract. Take a look at Ingredients blog series here and also have a read of some of the other content we’ve created for their blog.

Local Property Stats Interactive - CIA Landlords

For CIA Landlords we created an interactive tool which upon entering your postcode, detected the property region and through this calculated the average house prices for the area.The average prices are found for various different types of properties, ranging from detached to flat maisonette properties. To accompany these figures, it also detected the most recent sale for each of the types of property and what price it was sold for.

To accompany the house prices the tool also detected various other stats for the local area, factors like Anti-social behaviour and vehicle crime being rated numerically. With less than 10 a low crime level, between 10 and 40 moderate, and above 40 being a high crime level. This part of the tool would be extremely useful for someone worried about local crime, especially when leaving vehicles on the road or if the perspective tenant is elderly.

Try the Local Property stats interactive for yourself here.

LED Lighting Calculator - Inui

Inui are a company who specialises in the design, research, manufacture and retail of LED lighting, with a focus on being cleaner, smarter and brighter.

So we tasked ourselves with creating an LED lighting calculator, with the aim of showing businesses the savings they could make from switching to LED lighting, as opposed to standard incandescent bulbs.

The first thing the calculator needs is the type of application, or what you are planning use the LED lighting in. The different applications are shown with clear, simple icons to match the aesthetic of the Inui brand.

Once you have selected the correct application, you will then be asked a few details like the number of lamps and the number of working hours per day. Which then gives a running cost for your current lighting.

Once you’ve had a little weep about the current price of your lighting per year, the next section will tell you what savings can be made from switching to LED lighting.

And also the amount of CO2 emission savings that would be made too, to show that could also save the planet as well as the money in your pocket.

Try it yourself and calculate your companies LED Lighting costs here.

Top Luxurious and Remote Locations - Skyline

And finally, for Skyline Design who provide luxury outdoor furniture, we created a presentation of the Top 10 Luxurious and Remote locations you can rent on Air BnB. With locations around the world to inspire your next travel adventure.

We found the most unique settings, whether you’re staying in a Balian Treehouse, a teepee in the Sahara or an Alaskan lake front cabin with a view of the Northern Lights. You can even rent your own island in Japan.

We definitely got itchy feet looking through, so take a look for yourself below or see the original post over at Skyline Design here.