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Helping the team at Premium Credit understand the limitations of the onsite technical SEO, as well as the creation of DataStudio reports to manage site performance and internal stakeholders.

Premium Credit

The No.1 premium finance company in the UK and Ireland

Whether it's for personal or business use, insurance is essential for most of us. Since 1988, Premium Credit have helped millions of businesses and individuals pay for their insurance by spreading the costs over regular installments, instead of paying the whole premium upfront.



We helped the team pull together a range of data to help manage internal stakeholders and gain a better understanding of the site performance for both the UK and Ireland.

Dashboards, technical SEO & data

We completed a full technical SEO review for the Premium Credit website and communicated this through our simple P.I.E (potential, importance, ease) document to help the internal developers understand the importance and impact of making the recommended changes.

On top of this, we also helped create a website performance dashboard which included reporting on traffic, engagement, and conversions driven by the website on an ongoing basis.

Premium Credit


month project


We set up 2 key dashboards for both UK and Irish websites


We identified 50+ technical SEO changes to help improve site performance in organic search


year working relationship


Google UX playbook review


content changes identified via our perfect financial services landing page guide

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