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Alma Park, Woodway Lane, Claybrooke Parva, Leicester, LE17 5BH

Fill you life with experiences, not things!

U Drive Cars specialise in providing driving experiences in two separate venues across Oxfordshire. Although their venues are centrally based they entertain customers from all over the UK.

They also provide a very unique classic cars experience, giving customers the opportunity to drive some of the world most iconic classic sports cars.

So glad to hear that you are setting up a specialist agency, You are one of the most knowledgeable people that we have worked with over the last five years.

- Clare Davis - U Drive Cars

Improved Visibility

Clare and her team were looking to increase the number of voucher sales via the website building on the existing authority and content.

We also were also asked to work alongside her internal team to ensure continuity with any creatives, advertising messages and pricing.

Improved Visibility

The Execution

We started by reviewing the current strategy, internal skill set and opportunity to improve the current visibility across all possible channels.

Clare and her team we’re a perfect customer willing to invest in the opportunities we highlighted and trusted us our judgement when needed.

We worked on U Drive’s fundamentals, implementing a re-targeting strategy for both Adwords and Facebook, ensuring we recaptured customers if they didn’t make a purchase the first time they visited the website.

Finally, we complimented the paid and re-targeting strategies with a creative and content strategy improving visibility on organic search and targeting previous customers via email marketing.

What We Achieved

Increased Visibility

Over the Christmas period our campaigns drove an increase in traffic of 43% in comparison to the previous year.

Improved Sales

The same multi-channel campaign lead to an increase in voucher sales of 209% from the website.

Improved Revenue

Increased visibility and sales helped U Drive Cars achieve a 180% improvement in revenue.