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Leading Luxury Spa's

Sundance® Spas have been crafting high-quality spas for over 40 years leading to some of the most innovative industry firsts. Connection, loyalty, and craftsmanship are the pillars of the Sundance® philosophy.

They’ve built their brand on trust and excellence, the relationship they have with their customers and carefully-selected dealers reinforces the reputation they’ve earned.

The advice we received and the close analysis of Sundance’s current online position will help us to improve performance in all online areas of the business.”

- Paul Garratt - Sundance® Spas

International Conference

Each year Sundance® Spas hold an international conference in the USA, during the conference they run workshops on topics that they believed will help drive business; one of the sessions this year was brand building online.

We helped recreate the success of the American session at the European event in Biarritz. They also wanted to provide their distributors with tangible actions and audits to take away and implement with their internal teams or agencies.

International Conference

How we got on...

We walked through the platforms and technology available in today’s digital world to help improve their visibility and through a series of best practice techniques associated with each of the platforms.

We then looked in detail at reputation and how to behave in an online space to maximise social proof, authority and review management.

Satisfied Customer

Clear and Concise

We explained the opportunities and benefit of managing a brand correctly online.

New Relationships

We built new relationships with a variety of companies throughout Europe.

Helped Refine

We provided a detailed audit, identifying potential opportunities to help their business's.