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Corporate Banking Services

Santander’s corporate banking website is designed to help medium to large businesses looking for a relationship managed service or requiring more comprehensive banking, international, or larger lending needs.

In Santander’s latest piece of content ‘TrailBlazers‘, they use ground-breaking research to identify the characteristics that give Britain’s high-growth companies an edge on the competition.

The partnership between ASSISTED. and Santander UK reinforces the need for accurate insights and how website engagement and customer behaviour enable data-driven decisions.

- Santander UK

Behaviour Tracking

Santander invests in market research, surveys and content creation on an ongoing basis. One of the key elements with any content they create is understanding how potential customers engage with it and how it leads to conversions.

Having control and visibility around site performance is key to ensure all stakeholders throughout the business are managed correctly.

Behaviour Tracking

Events, Conversions and Cookies

Our team who specialise in financial services used Adobe Analytics, Siteimprove, Google’s Tag Manager and Google Analytics to implement a range of events, conversions and behaviour tracking throughout the corporate Santander website. All our work had to strictly adhere to Santander’s GDPR policy to ensure we only fired events inline with a users cookie preferences.

Using a range of variables, data-layer information and triggers within tag manager we now understand all conversions across the site ensuring 100% visibility.

Data Control

Cookie Conditions

Implementation of cookie policies managed and fired by GTM.

Content Engagement

Event tracking, engagement metrics across multiple websites.

Reporting & Insights

Insights into the performance of the hero content published.