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Non-Cosmetic Surgery

Nu You Aesthetics offers an alternative approach to weight loss with a range of cutting-edge non-invasive methods.

Based just off Harley Street in London, their expert team is trained to understand your specific needs to match your goals and ambitions.

We have worked with the team at ASSISTED. for a number of months on our SEO performance. We have seen incremental performance improvements on our traffic and conversions from organic sources as well as their work complimenting our off-line and paid activity.

- Andy O'Brian - NU You Aesthetics

Optimising a Brand New Domain.

The challenge that ASSISTED. faced was to generate an acceptable return on investment in a tight timeframe on a new domain.

Nu You Aesthetics offer a range of treatments with mixed competition which became integral to how we optimised and positioned the website.

Optimising a Brand New Domain.

Technical SEO & Content

Identifying keyword opportunities with moderate competition and strong search volumes has helped our organic results with Nu You already ranking for a number of terms on page one after just a couple of months.

Combine this with a well structured and SEO focused website development we have positioned ourselves in a strong position moving forward. We’re now complementing the website with both long tail blog posts and interactive linkable content.

A Dream Start.

Mobile Friendly

Our design and development team, built a contemporary flexible mobile first website.


The site has built authority in Google very quickly, leading to strong positions and ultimately leads.

Award Worthy Content

Creative and interactive content designed to be helpful, shareable and linkable leading to a UK Agency Award Nomination.