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Luxury Watch Winders

Barrington pride themselves on building quality automatic watch winders that are designed in Britain, ranging from a single winder to a 12 watch winder safe.

Distributing to the UK and US market, Barrington have established themselves as one of the world’s leading watch winder brands.

The guys at Assisted have helped us have a coordinated approach to all our digital marketing. They are knowledgeable and reliable and though they work remotely it feels like they are part of our team.

- Sean O'Farrell - Barrington

Improved Sales and Brand Recognition

Our strategy was to integrate the use of both paid and organic mediums to capture users at all stages of their buying cycle, in the UK and US markets.

This meant creating a content strategy that could be published and repurposed forĀ social, search and email marketing whilst maintaining a brand voice that defines the Barrington product.

Improved Sales and Brand Recognition

Search, Social and Creative

Barrington watch winders products and brand allow us to use an informal tone across their social platforms that relate to popular culture. This enables us to share new, exciting and interesting content that focuses on the watch industry as a whole.

Additionally, we’ve continued to refine a competitive Google Adwords and SEO campaign to drive down the cost per acquisition andĀ achieve positive results in both the UK and US markets.

Improved Engagement & Traffic

New Traffic Source

Advertising on Facebook has led to an increase in targeted traffic driving direct and assisted conversions.

Adwords Performance

Getting a return from the US market has been a challenge, however we continue to refine the campaign which has been fruitful.


The customer has trusted us with their brand and we've worked together to design a strategy which both parties are happy with.